Please help to keep us strong and vibrant by sustaining YTI!

It takes a lot of resources to put on five major productions a year, plus the smaller special attractions during the in-between months. It takes a lot of volunteers. We pay royalties and rent. We build sets, construct costumes, and engage in publicity, community outreach and collaboration with other city organizations. As we develop exciting new programs to reach out to the community, our operating expenses continually increase. And we can’t do this without your support!


  • 3500 plus volunteers engaged on and off stage
  • 400 plus productions staged
  • 5 New plays by east coast playwrights produced
  • 50 Theatre Scholarships awarded since 1970
  • 160,000 Audience members
  • 26,220 days of operation
  • Numerous local and regional awards
  • 73 years offering affordable high quality theatre

Your Theatre, Inc. is a 501©3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID # 04-6024141