Executive Director: Jessica Bregoli

As the newly appointed Executive Director of The Steeple Playhouse, Jessica Bregoli will oversee the transformation of the former First Baptist Church into the new home of the storied Your Theater Inc. As this historic building is being renovated she seeks to expand its vision to include community events and promote awareness of the mission to outside individuals and organizations. She aims to diversify community outreach to build and nurture collaborations and partnerships with local and area arts and cultural organizations. Ms. Bregoli is currently designing and identifying the implementation of the Steeple Playhouse and is recruiting customers to utilize the venue.

As a professional sculptor and gardener Jessica Bregoli has been the curator for the Seaport Art Walk since its inception. As curator, Bregoli works with various city departments and jury-selected artists to bring to life the Seaport area with murals and sculptures of all shapes and sizes. Upon graduation from UMASS Dartmouth she has been committed to building the arts and culture of the city. She participates on numerous local and boards, including the Seaport Cultural District, New Bedford Arts and Culture Plan, AHA! Steering Committee and the New Bedford Cultural Council.